Fairtrade at St Andrew’s

Serving customers in old ways and new ways!

Deliveries, shop and foyer stalls, shop appointments


Good news! Doors wide open to the fresh air for good ventilation but every Sunday we spread out displays of goods in the church centre foyer between 10.15 and 11.45. This makes it possible to have a much bigger range of goods on display and, unlike outdoor stalls, we won’t have to cancel because of rain or high winds. Cash, cheques and cards accepted. Come and see lots of new stock as well as your old favourites. Please go into the shop if you’d like to see the rest of our stock but keep it to just one or two people at a time and wear a mask please for safety reasons.

Shop once again open on Wednesdays 11.00 to 12.00. Please help us by wearing a mask when browsing in the shop. Thank you!

Delivery Service

Free and contactless delivery service in Bedford and the surrounding area. There is no minimum order. Day and time of delivery will be arranged with you by our volunteer drivers. Order anything from the Traidcraft catalogue, from our grocery list, from the Companions Real Bread list or indeed anything you can remember seeing in our shop. Need a physical copy of the Traidcraft catalogue and/or our price list for groceries and other essentials? Just ask via the contact details below. You can also browse the current Traidcraft catalogue online https://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk/christmas-catalogue turning the pages just as you would with a paper catalogue.

To order: phone Brenda Mayoh our buyer and delivery service organiser on 01234 268574 and dictate your order or email your order to fairtrade@standrewsbedford.org Please give your name, address and contact telephone number + as many details of the item as possible such as code (if there is one), name of item or a description, size if applicable, quantity and price.

Our volunteers deliver on foot or by bicycle or by car according to the size of your order and the distance involved. The volunteer bringing your delivery will agree with you a suitable day and time to drop it off.

Pay for your order by BACS or alternatively, with your agreement, we will email you an invoice and you will be able to pay safely and easily by credit or debit card via a link in the email. Smartphone users may prefer to opt to receive a payment link by text. If none of these are possible for you, don’t worry we’ll find a payment method to suit you.

Appointments to visit the shop

Enjoy a relaxed and safe shop visit by making a personal appointment. Browse on your own or with your partner or friend. The member of staff on duty will stay outside in the foyer while you are in the shop unless you need help to find something. When you are finished shopping go back into the foyer where you can pay by card, cash or cheque. Personal visits to the shop are available by arrangement on all days/evenings except Sundays. To make a booking phone Lynn Herron Shop Manager on 07897 782765 or email fairtrade@standrewsbedford.org


For general queries about Fairtrade at St Andrew’s, our shop at St Andrew’s Church Centre, Kimbolton Road, Bedford MK40 2PF, and the services we offer, please email the Shop Manager Lynn Herron at fairtrade@standrewsbedford.org or phone Lynn on 07897 782765

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