Real Bread

Please note: You can place an order for our delivery service at any time but bread orders must reach us by the end of Sunday to ensure delivery later in the week. Just email

New exciting collaboration with Companions Real Bread CIC

View from above of the various Companions Real Bread Loaves.

New times, new challenges, so new ways forward. Both Fairtrade at St Andrew’s and Companions Real Bread are developing new and safe ways to get our products to customers at this difficult time. We’ve embarked on an experiment. The Companions Real Bread products below will be available as part of the Fairtrade at St Andrew’s delivery service. This sourdough bread is the real thing and proper sourdough bread can’t be hurried. Any of these loaves you require must be ordered by phone to Brenda our buyer and delivery service organiser by 10pm on Sunday evening, or by email to by midnight on Sunday evening, for delivery by the end of the same week. It’s great bread. Why not give it a try? Click on the photos below for more information about that particular loaf.

What is the Companions Real Bread Bakery?

We’re a growing community gathered around a commercial Real Bread bakery, supporting ex-offenders to resettle effectively into our local communities and not reoffend. In contrast to the industrial loaf, Real Bread is made slowly from just flour, water, salt and yeast, with no additives. Just as we believe that Real Bread fosters health and wellbeing, so we believe that honesty (with self as well as others) is the best way to move forwards towards a more positive and fulfilling life. We are based in the bakery behind The Gallery Cafe, 7 Howard Street, Bedford, MK40 3HS, where you can buy our bread, have a cuppa while you watch us make it through the window, and join in the occasional workshop.

From the Companions Real Bread website

Slices from the various Companions Real Bread loaves arranged around a plate

Need something to go with your delicious and nutritious sourdough bread?

We can supply some good things from the shop. Bright orange label carries the Liberation logo as a banner with the slogan 'Nuts about Fair Trade'. The banner is held at each side by a cartoon person with a peanut body.Try this lush, ethical, fairtrade peanut butter.

300 gram jar with an attractive label featuring the Eswatini Logo of a cartoon elephant.Maybe you’d like some Mixed Fruit Chutney from Swaziland to go with your peanut butter or cheese?

340g glass jar. The attractive label carries a design based on oranges at various stages of ripeness plus the fairtrademark and the mark of the Soil AssociationHow about the breakfast classic? Traidcraft Organic Marmalade has just the right balance of sweet and sharp.

500g glass jar with gold lid. The light blue label features regional flowers and carries the fairtrademark.This Chilian Nectar set honey with ‘subtle caramel notes’ won a ‘Great Taste’ award in 2019.

Prefer your honey runny? 500g glass jar with gold lid carries the fairtrademark, the Traidcraft Logo and the mark of the Soil Association. The pink label features nectar bearing flowers of the region This Mexican Blossom clear honey is organic with a floral and subtly spicy flavour.