3 Zip Pouch Bags

Could be a little evening bag, could be a cross body bag to safely carry essentials outdoors over or under a coat or sweater. Pouches with a detachable carrying strap and three zipped compartments for essentials such as phone, cards and keys. These ‘tweed’ designs have satin surround for the zips, a needlecord back and the compartments are lined in colour co-ordinated satin. The tweed type pouches in these photos are fair trade products made in Vietnam and brought to us by Earth Squared. They are available for sale from our shop stock and can be added to delivery orders.

Another take on 3 zip pouches. Intriguing combination of patterned oilcloth (close textured cotton treated on one side to make it waterproof), satin and zips. Like the tweed pouches these little bags have three zipped compartments and an easy to remove/add strap long enough for secure cross body wear. All oilcloth pouches have grey satin lining. In stock and available for delivery from the shop.

Jute Shopping Bags

Jute bags in stock now and available for delivery. Strong, lightweight, very attractive, hold lots of shopping, easy to carry with a padded handle and will stand upright on their base instead of slithering to the floor or the bottom of the supermarket trolley. Jute is noted as a sustainable crop growing readily while requiring much less water than cotton and then biodegradable at the end of its useful life. These bags are also remarkable value at £7.00 each. Bags in the images are all the same size at 30x30x20cm, click on images for more information.

Bamboo Socks

Socks made with significant amounts of fibre derived from bamboo are especially soft, comfortable yet hardwearing and noted for their breathability and moisture absorbing characteristics. They are also environmentally friendly as bamboo grows without the need for pesticides and fertilisers while requiring much less water than cotton. After harvesting bamboo sprouts on its own, re-planting is rarely necessary.

Our ‘thought’ brand socks are made of 54% Viscose Derived From Bamboo, 22% Organic Cotton,
22% Recycled Polyester. Our ‘Shared Earth’ brand socks are made of 75% Bamboo Viscose, 22% Polyamide, 3% Elastane.

First of all here are a selection of socks in size 4-7 (thought brand) and size 3-7 (Shared Earth brand). Click on any photo for a bigger picture plus more details and price of that particular pair of socks. Scroll down to the next section for larger sizes.

Now for socks in larger sizes. In this section ‘thought’ brand socks are size 7-11 and ‘Shared Earth’ brand socks are size 7-12