New Biscuit Products from Traidcraft

Eagerly awaited and finally here. All butter shortbread biscuits. All butter salted caramel biscuits. Ginger Snap Biscuits. Volunteer Pauline and I decided to go half each on a packet of the All Butter Salted Caramel Biscuits to sample them and they really are lush and a great morning coffee or afternoon tea treat. 11/06/2022

Goodbye to Companions Real Bread

We’re very sad to tell you that owing to operational and financial issues Companions Real Bread has ceased trading so we are no longer able to supply customers with sourdough breads from this source.

You can still obtain proper sourdough bread from the cafe at The Arts Centre and Gallery, 7 Howard Street, Bedford MK40 3HS where two of the established bakers from the Companions project are still producing sourdough breads for the use in the cafe and for sale to those coming into the Centre.