Price List

To supplement the Traidcraft Autumn 2022 Gift Guide here is the list of ‘basics’ which we normally stock. This includes foods and drinks, tissues, cleaning products and toiletries plus some seasonal items.

11031Advent Calendar 34x24cm Traditional non-chocolate£3.30
68762Divine Milk Chocolate Gold Coins 65g£2.25
27688Divine Dark Chocolate Gold Coins 65g£2.25
40264Divine Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar (85g)£4.68
32082Divine Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar 85g£4.68
33048Meaningful Chocolate Company
The Real Advent Calendar 85g
43698Meaningful Chocolate Company Host of Angels 102g£4.50
10025Meaningful Chocolate Company Blessings Milk Bar 80g£3.00
10533Meaningful Chocolate Company Christingle Orange Milk 50g£3.50
53620One World Calendar 2023£16.95
50736World in your Kitchen Calendar 2023£11.95
52172One World Almanac 2023£15.95
51548Women of the World Calendar 2023£11.95
10529Women of the World Diary & Notebook 2023£11.95
10887Mama Mzungu Lip Balm 10ml – Lemon Lavender£5.00
10894Mama Mzungu Lip Balm 10ml – Peppermint£5.00
51034Lavender & Rosemary Shampoo Bar£5.99
51112Lime & Lemon Shampoo Bar£5.99
10724Zaytoun Pure Olive Oil Soap Honey 100g bar£4.50
10347Nablus Pure Olive Oil Soap – no fragrance 100g bar£4.50
10726Zaytoun Pure Olive Oil Soap Sage 100g bar£4.50
10964Zaytoun Pure Olive Oil Soap Rose 100g bar£4.50
10349Zaytoun Pure Olive Oil Soap Lemon 100g bar
One Village Vegetable Oil SoapNeem or Sandalwood 125g bar£3.50
25432Traidcraft Kitchen Roll (TWIN PACK) £1.89
31176Toilet Roll (4 PACK)£2.61
51210Rubber Gloves Medium£1.85
54268Gardening Gloves Medium or Large£5.50
25706Cafedirect Freeze Dried Smooth Roast Instant Coffee 100g£4.73
10145Traidcraft Organic Decaf Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 100g£4.95
62974Traidcraft Organic Rich Roast Fresh Ground Coffee 227g£4.10
65070Traidcraft Decaf Organic Fresh Ground Coffee 227g £4.67
52910Eat Your Hat Organic Uganda Roast Ground Coffee 200g£4.45
10145Traidcraft Organic Medium Roast Ground Coffee 227g£4.10
64252Traidcraft Organic Ethiopian Oromiya Roast Ground Coffee 227g£4.46
27492Divine Cocoa 125g£2.70
11125Divine Drinking Chocolate (400g) £3.60
50050Divine White Chocolate (35g)£1.08
32936Divine Milk Chocolate (35g)£1.08
51552Divine Dark Chocolate (35g)£1.08
69278Divine Cappuccino Chocolate (35g)£1.08
10582Divine Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate (35g)£1.08
38574Divine Dark Chocolate with Mint (90g)£2.34
32900Divine Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Orange (90g)£2.34
49630Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries (90g)£2.34
35962Divine Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel 90g£2.34
43724Divine Dark Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt 90g£2.34
10578Divine 34% Milk Chocolate with Almond & Salted Caramel 90g£2.34
10580Divine 60% Dark Chocolate with Pretzel & Caramel 90g£2.34
10695Divine 34% Milk Chocolate with Orange Crisp 90g£2.34
Divine Dark Chocolate 70% 90g£2.67
Divine Dark Chocolate 85% 90g£2.67
51940Divine Chocolate Tasting Set 180g£6.74
61630Divine Milk Chocolate Hearts 80g£3.60
61896Divine White Chocolate & Strawberry Hearts 80g£3.60
62008Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Hearts 80g£3.60
34018Traidcraft Organic Milk Chocolate 100g£2.48
40610Traidcraft Organic Milk Chocolate with Praline 100g£2.48
36186Traidcraft Organic Dark Chocolate Mint Cream 100g£2.48
50616Traidcraft Organic Milk Chocolate with whole Hazelnuts 100g£2.70
28846Traidcraft Organic Muscovado White Chocolate 100g £2.48
10945Traidcraft Mint Collection 170g box£4.91
Traidcraft Salted Caramel Creams 150g box£2.35
Traidcraft Dark Black Cherry Creams 150g box£2.35
58182Traidcraft dark chocolate coated ginger 125g bag£2.25
45700Traidcraft Milk Chocolate Coated Raisins 125g bag£2.25
Box Divine Dark Choc Mint Thins 200g£3.50
Box Divine Dark Choc Ginger Thins 200g£3.50
30972Liberation Crunchy Peanut Butter 350g£2.50
57060Meru Herbs Mango Jam 330g£3.15
58798Meru Herbs Hibiscus Jam 330g£3.15
42766Traidcraft Strawberry Jam 340g£2.88
67388Traidcraft Organic Orange Marmalade 340g£2.88
10706Traidcraft Organic Raspberry Jam 340g£3.60
32704Traidcraft Organic Mexican Blossom Set Honey 500g£5.45
33062Traidcraft Organic Mexican Blossom Clear Honey 500g£5.45
58260Liberation Fair Trade Salted Cashews & Peanuts 90g£1.62
41002Liberation Fair Trade Chilli & Lime Cashews, Peanuts & Corn 90g£1.62
41524Zaytoun Caramelised Almonds 140g£4.95
60368Zaytoun Roasted Chilli Almonds 140g£4.95
10381Just5 Organic Apricot & Almond Bar 40g£1.13
10383Just5 Organic Mango & Brazil Bar 40g£1.13
10387Just5 Organic Date & Walnut Bar 40g£1.13
11048Just5 Organic Banana & Cocoa Bar 40g£1.13
11050Just5 – Organic Date & Cocoa 40g£1.13
58546Tropical Wholefoods Organic Whole Brazil Nuts 125g£3.87
56756Tropical Wholefoods Organic Cashew Nuts 150g£4.80
55782Zaytoun Almonds 150g£5.55
Daily Bread Co-operative Walnuts 250g
Daily Bread Co-operativeHazelnuts 250g
Daily Bread Co-operativePumpkin Seeds 250g
Daily Bread Co-opeartiveSunflower Seeds 250g
25122Tropical Wholefoods Raisins 500g£3.15
46138Tropical Wholefoods Sultanas 500g£4.18
50940Tropical Wholefoods Traditional Mixed Dried Fruit 500g£3.91
37364Tropical Wholefoods Fairtrade Apricots 125g£2.02
48200Tropical Wholefoods Organic Pitted Dates 250g£3.24
60186Tropical Wholefoods Organic Sundried Mango 100g£2.88
10959Tropical Wholefoods Sundried Pineapple 100g£2.88
62448Zaytoun Medjoul Dates 250g£4.95
54846Zaytoun Medjoul Dates 500g£9.25
SUMACrystallised Ginger 125g£2.01
Daily Bread Co-operativePitted Prunes 500g £2.66
56150Kilombero White Rice 1kg£3.38
Kilombero Brown Rice – new crop awaited at end of 2022
10337Just Trading Scotland Organic Red Lentils 500g£2.59
10339Just Trading Scotland Organic Toor Dahl (Yellow Split Lentils) 500g£2.59
10341Just Trading Scotlan Organic Chickpeas 500g£2.59
62422Zaytoun Fair Trade Organic Maftoul (giant cous cous) 200g£2.70
58738Zaytoun Smoky Freekeh 200g£2.70
51142Traidcraft Organic Penne Pasta 500g£2.57
50458Traidcraft Organic Fusilli Pasta 500g£2.57
52372Eswatini Mixed Fruit Chutney 300g£3.20
26138Eswatini Medium Curry Sauce 275g£3.20
Geo Organics Mango Chutney 300g£3.00
25890Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk 400ml£1.85
31942Meru Herbs Tomato and Basil Sauce 295g£3.15
32020Meru Herbs Tomato and Chilli Sauce 295g£3.15
68652Olive & Rosemary Beer Bread 450g£4.99
11052Italian Cheese Beer Bread 450g£4.99
Chilli & Garlic Beer Bread 450g£4.99
10401Garlic & Herb Beer Bread 450g£4.99
10481Chocolate Chip Beer Biscuits 450g£4.99
62774Zaytoun Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml£7.88
34946Zaytoun Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml£13.10
33324Zaytoun Za’atar Herb Mix 80g jar£3.38
69558Tree Planting Olive Oil Tube Gift£25.00
38022Traidcraft Breakfast Blend 80 Tea Bags 250g £2.70
35454Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Decaffeinated 6 x 80 Tea Bags 250g£3.69
43078Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Loose Leaf Tea 125g £1.76
Clipper Organic Earl Grey 80 Tea Bags£3.94
Clipper Fennel Tea 20 bags£1.60
Clipper Rooibos Organic 80 bags
Clipper Sleep Easy 20 bags£1.42
London Teas Peach & Rhubarb
London TeasChamomile
London TeasPure Peppermint
London TeasRaspberry Inferno
London TeasLemon & Ginger
43924Traidcraft Fruit & Nut Muesli 500g £3.78
27578Traidcraft Fruity Golden Granola 350g£3.60
45670Traidcraft Exotic Fruit Muesli 500g £3.78
10951All Butter Shortbread Biscuits 150g £2.21
10952Ginger Snap Biscuits 150g£2.21
66828Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies 180g£2.03
10953All Butter Caramel and Sea Salt Biscuits 150g £2.21
56762Stem Ginger Cookies 180g £2.03
47238Chewy Fruit & Oat Cookies 180g £2.03
31038Traidcraft Dk Choc Chunk & Raspberry Shortbread Rounds 160g£3.56
43922Traidcraft Choc Chunk & Sour Cherry Shortbread Rounds 160g£3.56
66254Traidcraft Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger Biscuits 200g£4.68
40198Traidcraft Dk Choc Coated Choc Chip & Orange Biscuits 200g£4.68
11042Traidcraft Dk Choc Coated Cranberry Biscuits 200g£4.68
33872Traidcraft Rich Iced Fruit Slab Cake 470g£4.59
57018After Dinner Mints 150g bag£1.49
52046White Sugar Sticks approx 500x3g£8.00
66714Brown Sugar Sticks approx 500x3g£8.00
56222Traidcraft Demerara Sugar 500g £1.53
69670Traidcraft Raw Cane Sugar 500g £1.49
55132Traidcraft Golden Caster Sugar 500g £1.53
Canned Pulses & Tomatoes
SUMA Wholefood Co-opButter Beans
SUMA Wholefood Co-opChick Peas
SUMA Wholefood Co-opMixed Beans
SUMA Wholefood Co-opOrganic Chopped Tomatoes
Sustainable Canned Fish Products
Fish 4 Ever Sprats in Spring Water 105g£1.95
Fish 4 Ever Mackerel in Spring Water 125g£1.95
Fish 4 Ever Sardines in Organic Sunflower Oil 125g£2.15
Fish 4 Ever Skipjack Tuna Flakes in Brine 160g£2.25
Fish 4 Ever Skipjack Tuna Flakes in Spring Water 160g£2.75
Fish 4 Ever Mackerel in Organic Sunflower Oil 125g£2.35
Faith in Nature
Body WashAloe Vera, Blue Cedar, Fragrance Free, Coconut, Lavender & Geranium£5.01
Hand WashLavender & Geranium£4.00
ShampooAloe Vera, Coconut, Fragrance Free, Lavender & Geranium, Rosemary£4.91
ConditionerFragrance Free, Lavender & Geranium, Rosemary£4.91
Environmentally Friendly & Cruelty Free Cleaning Products
BioDWide range of products including laundry liquid, rinse aid
sanitising hand wash, fabric conditioner, toilet cleaner,
laundry bleach, all purpose sanitiser, bathroom cleaner,
and more. Please ask for details and prices.